On My Wish List: Flats and Smoking Slippers


A. Elizabeth and James, $139

B. KORS Michael Kors, $136

C. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $175

D. DV by Dolce Vita, $60

E. Mark and James by Bagdley Mischka, $136

For some reason I’ve never really been a shoe person. Yes, “shoe porn” makes me drool just like every other girl, but for some reason they very seldom actually make the journey home to my closet. I’m more of a creature of comfort, and so I usually have my one pair of ballet flats that go with everything, a few other basic flat shoes, and a sprinkling of heels for the occasional night out on the town.

Unfortunately, this distribution of shoes has rarely worked for me. Too many times I’ve found myself desperately searching shoe stores within the tri-state area for the perfect neutral flat before my toes wear a hole through the last stretch of thread in my current pair.

It’s not fun. And it usually ends in defeat.

So I’ve decided to start expanding my collection of flats before this next pair starts to wear thin. Here are some of my favorites right now. All neutral, all under $200.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  1. mslauna said:

    Loving your blog! I think I’m going to make a wish list too! There are so many things I want this year…maybe some one will get them for me! lol *wishful thinking*
    #nowfollowing btw

    • Thank you so much! I just started following you too hah it looks like we both love a good deal =)

      • mslauna said:

        Of course. I am balling on a budget so I have to look good but at a decent price of course!
        Happy Blogging!

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