Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been wanting to post about my fashion resolution for a few days now, but only just found the time. Can you believe we’re already a week into 2013? It seems like my Winter break only just started and its almost over. But I digress…

Since I am officially graduating from college this May, I decided that my resolution this year would be to work towards a fully functioning, versatile, adult wardrobe. After all, I can only assume one pair of dress pants and a tuxedo jacket will not suffice in an office environment. And let’s just say that if I were to be invited to two cocktail parties in one weekend, I’d have no choice but to wear my entire evening wear wardrobe in one go. I need to ween off the cheaper trendy casual pieces (curse you H&M) and instead invest more in versatile staples.

I decided to start this process with a minor purge; getting rid of all old garments that had stained or ripped or warped over the years. To my surprise, I ended up donating a significant amount of clothing that I had almost never worn … and honestly I don’t know why I bought it.

The shift dress from H&M that was at least 2 sizes too big but I thought I could pull off with a belt. The skirt from American Apparel that I had ordered online a size too small but never bothered to return because, hey, it wasn’t that uncomfortable. The sweater I bought online from Express that was a little more sparkly than the website had lead me to believe, but I kept it because an occasion might arise when I would need it.

The list goes on.

What is wrong with me? I’ll tell you what: the sale.

All of these items were on sale when I bought them. Ridiculously discounted. We’re talking final clearance here…with a coupon. And I, always being on the hunt for the deal, bought them. I lead myself to believe that I was saving money, when in fact, I barely wore any of these things. When you consider cost per wear, I was wasting a ton of money.

This, sad as it is, really gave me the kick I needed and convinced me that this resolution will be a good thing. So from now on I will be buying quality basics (ex: the white shirt, the LBD, the suit) and not items that I hope to wear because they’re cute or insanely cheap, even though they aren’t my style (I’m looking at you, flow-y lace H&M mini skirt).

This isn’t to say that sales are off limits. Hell, if I can find a quality garment that I love at a discounted price that would be even better, but for now I’m going to give myself these basic buying guidelines and stick to them:

1. Do you LOVE it?

2. Is it flattering?

3. Does it fit? If it doesn’t, will you bother to bring it to the tailor?

4. Is it up to par in both form and function?

5. Does it integrate well into your current wardrobe?

6. What is the estimated cost per wear? Is that worth it to you?

What do you guys think? Do you have a shopping weakness or impulse buying problem? How about shopping guidelines that help you save money? Let me know in the comments!



Hello everyone! Apologies for the not-so-brief hiatus, finals were krazy with a capital K and then I had to dive right in to Christmas shopping and cleaning and cooking and wrapping and getting the tree and decorating… I’m sure you know how it goes. Then with rushing to find a New Year’s Eve outfit and constantly searching for a new car (it’s been a busy month) it seems like only now I get some free time to write and sleep in with no repercussions.

Here are some photos from Instagram that I took over the holidays. Hopefully more tomorrow, but my free time is still limited.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

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The other day my cousin told me about a new(ish) website he heard about through one of our mutual friends’ cousins. The cousin in question apparently played a roll in creating it and so I checked it out; it’s always exciting to know someone on the inside (kinda).

The website is My Fashion Database, and it holds images from fashion magazine covers, editorials, and ad campaigns from all the fashion magazines and all the years they can get their hands on. They also offer a Polyvore-esque collage feature. But I have to say, the coolest thing is definitely the range of the selection and the fact that everything from the model to the photographer to the hair and makeup artist are listed with the photos. Thanks to this website I can do this:

Hey, everyone! Look at this Elle UK cover from November, 2011. Don’t you love Emma Watson’s Twiggy inspired makeup look?

Well here’s the video tutorial on how to get it:

Cool, right?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Chaos at the Swarovski outlet on Black Friday.

As a deal-hunting fashionista, I have to admit that Black Friday is one of my favorite times of year. There are so few occasions when you can find a Michael Kors long military trench coat (stay tuned for pictures) for only $95, or a $300 Swarovski bangle for $50. It’s one of the rare opportunities people have to snag something luxurious without breaking the bank.

However, there are plenty of cons to go with the pros; the traffic, the lines, the crowds, trying to find a parking space…the list goes on. I don’t blame the people who hate it and hide in their houses for the day…or actually sleep at night. If you’re going to brave the retail world, making the experience fun is really the only chance you have to keep from going insane.

That’s why I always go with friends; catching up helps pass the time sitting in traffic and keeps us awake when a late night turns in to an early morning. We also try not to obsess over anything in particular. There’s nothing worse than waiting 45 minutes just to enter a store…then stand in another line to check out, however long that may take. This is the reason we skipped over the Swarovski outlet at midnight, and instead returned in the afternoon. I snapped these pictures on my phone, and after a few minutes of pilfering through mountains of empty boxes and scattered crystals, I gave up. It was no longer fun.

Which makes me think: what is it about a sale that causes people to suddenly act like barbarians? Just because it’s 80% off, doesn’t mean you have to start throwing things and knocking them over like a child. In the end all you’re doing is making the experience miserable for everyone else. Yes, I could have kept digging and found something beautiful at a decent price, but looking at the unorganized empty boxes took all the fun out of it. I was no longer on the hunt for something luxurious at an affordable price, I was searching through a bargain bin at Kmart. The jewelry, which normally looks so beautiful, just looked sad. What’s a girl to do?

What are your thoughts on shopping strategies and etiquette? How do you spend your Black Friday? Did you score anything great this year?

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

I’ve been looking for an owl sweater for awhile now. Not just any old owl sweater either (hence my difficulty finding one), it has to be one that says “fun loving, yet mature and stylish” and not “i love obnoxiously cute things, in fact, if you look up you’ll see a pink bow on my head band to match the ones on my shoes”. Feel me? The inspiration is Burberry:

 And I think I’ve found a few contenders at a decent price point. First up is a sweater from Asos ($52.77). It is probably the more mature of the two, or at least as mature as you can get with a woodland creature on your sweater.

The second option is courtesy of Urban Outfitters ($59) and brings more of a homey, I-knit-this-myself vibe to the table.

Which one do you think? Have you been searching for the perfect graphic sweater or tee lately? Did you find anything good? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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