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I saw these skull beads in bracelets everywhere over the Summer and decided I wanted to make myself a pair of earrings using them. Here is what you’ll need:

I used 2 earrings (set of 18 for $3), 2 head pins (set of 14 for $3), 2 large skulls ($1.50 each), 2 small skulls ($0.75 each), and 4 spacer beads ($0.50 each). I purchased the beads at a local store in Maine, although any bead store should carry them since they’re so popular. I got the hardware at a Michael’s craft store.

First you put the beads on the head pin in the desired order. I ended up not using all of the spacer beads, but it’s better to have too many than not enough!

Then, use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the top of the head pin in to a U shape. Almost a circle, but with a gap big enough to put the earring in it. These pliers can be found at craft or bead stores, or even places like Kmart. The price can range from around $9 to around $30. If you don’t want to buy them then try looking up a bead store that allows its customers to make their jewelry in house.

Next, you put the earring in to this U shape, and use the needle nose pliers to continue to close the circle in the head pin. Then, using the pliers, keep rolling this circle until all the extra wire is used up.

And taa-daa! That’s all you have to do.

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Nothing about the colder months beats being able to bundle up in a comfy sweater and go sit by the fire, pick apples, drink hot chocolate, and all kinds of other cliche cold weather activities. Check out the sweaters I currently have my eye on below:

And now for the credits:

ASOS Sweatshirt, $46 ; ASOS Sweater $55

ASOS Cardigan, $54 ; ASOS Sweater, $62

ASOS Sweater, $62 ; ASOS Sweatshirt, $43

Topshop Sweatshirt, $56 ; ASOS Sweatshirt, $19

As you can see, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the ASOS website recently.

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See what I did there? It’s trend forecasting wrapped in a pun wrapped in a 90’s reference.

Beanies are popping up everywhere lately, and so I thought I’d give you some inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers as to how to rock one of this winter’s accessory trends.

Credit to: The Blonde Salad, Style Scrapbook, and Fashion Squad, respectively.

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Looks like Romwe is at it again with this Givenchy-esque shark tee shirt. I have to admit, the Givenchy shark and rottweiler tees have been in my dream closet for awhile…is the Romwe version an acceptable alternative? Or is it too close for comfort? At only about a tenth of the price it certainly wouldn’t hurt your wallet as much, but does that make it worth considering?

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